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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Brand New Carnival

I ran across an announcement a few days ago at King Aardvark's Kick in the Nuts of a new blog carnival, and it just occurred to me that I should probably mention it here, too; the more people who spread the news the better for the new carnival to catch on.

Originated by Ebonmuse at Daylight Atheism, the new carnival is entitled The Humanist Symposium. It's another atheist/freethinker carnival, but with a bit of a tighter focus than the established Carnival of the Godless--rather than just any posts from an atheist perspective, the Humanist Symposium is intended to focus more on posts extolling the benefits and advantages of a life not based on religion and superstition. I think it's a great idea; it's easy to point out the problems with religion, but there's certainly value in taking a more positive view and showing what's good about our philosophy, rather than just what's bad about the alternative.

Anyway, the deadline for submissions for the first issue of the Humanist Symposium is this coming Saturday. I don't know how many have been sent in so far, but there's almost certainly still room for more (for my own part, I submitted my post from yesterday, "The Wonder of What We Are"). If you're interested in submitting something, or just finding out more about the Humanist Symposium, you can go here.

Pass the word on!


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