Confessions of an Anonymous Coward

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mid-May Carnivalia

Okay, I'm a day late mentioning this (mostly because I wasn't anywhere yesterday where I had internet access), but Carnival of the Godless #66 went up yesterday at The Atheist Experience.

Also, I'm even later in mentioning that the 60th Skeptics' Circle is up at Infophilia. I'd intended to submit a post to it myself, but unfortunately I forgot how early the submission deadline was, so...I didn't. But I'll mention it anyway, because there's plenty there that's worth reading. Even if Infophile did employ a format that I'd been thinking of using myself for the second Humanist Symposium when I host it next week (though he did it in a much more elaborate fashion than I had been planning to do). Oh well.

Speaking of my hosting the second Humanist Symposium next week, I'm hosting the second Humanist Symposium next week. (How's that for redundancy?) There've been some submissions already, but there's plenty of room for more, so by all means feel free to submit a post! (And although Infophile beat me to the choose-your-own-adventure format I was considering, I've got another idea, so all remains well...)